when you choose Lisa Watson

you won't have to worry about your photos

Choosing your wedding photographer is a pretty big deal.

After your day is all said and done, you'll truly understand the value of a photograph.

I want you to have more than just digital files, and all of my collections include print so that you have something real, something tangible to hold and help you preserve those memories.

Every couple I have the pleasure of working with has access to amazing quality print and design services, with the option to create family heirlooms for years to come.

When you're looking through photos, you can spot the genuine laughs and smiles from a mile off. I create space for you to feel those big emotions in a very real way, putting you at ease, and giving you time and space to feel all the feels with each other. This isn't a performance, it's real life, and it's yours.  

As your wedding photographer, all my energy goes into making sure you have the most amazing experience! It is important for me to connect with you on a personal level so that on your day I can help bring out the best in you and showcase the things that matter to you most.

Part of my process is for us to chat / email so that I can get to know what's important to you and discover what you're dreaming up, so that I can best help you create the most incredible experience.

I'd really love to hear your story and invite you to fill out the contact form - I'll be in touch as soon as I can!

Lisa made us feel so natural and comfortable

Your photography genuinely matters to you. 

You want beautiful, flattering images with timeless edits and a stress-free experience

You want someone that's organised, calm and fun that gets on with everyone, and gets that it's all about you two

You'd like a mix of guided portraits and creative candids

You'd like gentle guidance with posing and direction, balanced with an unobtrusive approach

You want someone that's genuinely interested in you and your story, and takes note of what matters to you

Book me for your wedding photography if: 

For those choosing elopements and small ceremonies with less than 20 guests, wanting less coverage without compromising on beautiful quality photography.

starting at 1700

Elopements & intimate ceremonies

For wedding days that tell your beautiful story in a natural, fun and authentic way!

starting at 2900



This is my base level of inclusions for all collections.
No travel fees from Perth to Margaret River. 
Larger collections have more exciting offerings and experiences. 
Please contact me for more information. 

  • Your chosen level of coverage
  • Curated online gallery with exclusive access to professional print lab
  • Secure image backup
  • Planning + timeline guidance
  • Each photo individually retouched
  • Preview images within 48 hours
  • High resolution digital files
  • Unrestricted printing rights
  • Gift prints from Lisa


We design your albums, wall art and prints together if you choose to. I have software that can show how your photos will look on your own walls and am happy to help you create something amazing that suits your own personal style! I'm also happy to help your Aunties (and any other guests) with their prints so you can send them directly to me and take all the pressure off you!

showcase your art!


While you're still basking in that post wedding glow and enjoying that feeling of relief knowing you did it, I send you some previews in your gallery to show you how stunning your day was! You can download, share and print from here too. I'll then be working on curating your full epic gallery which will be ready in less than 6 weeks, or sooner if you opt to jump to the front of my editing queue! 

you did it!


Hooray, it's here! I'm right there with you putting all we've planned into action and bringing loads of fun and good energy to your day, while you enjoy everything you've been looking forward to! I'm constantly "on" and no doubt your guests will be asking me how many photos I take on a day - because I'm constantly working to make sure I've got it all captured beautifully! 

your best day!


You'll receive an automated email through my system advising you it's time to pay your final balance, 2 weeks before your big day. We'll also email or make a time to chat so you can update me on everything,  work through any details / changes to your timeline, group photos list and anything else.  

the lead up


I do a lot of behind the scenes work here, lining up your timing with your venue and lighting conditions depending on the time of year, preparing your group photos lists, mapping out locations and finding sweet spots for your epic photos to take place! We bounce and share ideas and you can ask any questions that might pop up while you're planning. 




Sit back and relax, and enjoy the feeling of ticking a big item off your to do list! 
Look out for your wedding photography planning guide which will help you get the most out of your coverage and is packed full of tips and ideas for creating amazing photos and making your day as beautiful as you can. 



You make the best decision ever and decide to book me!
I give you my recommendation on collections that will be just right for you and you can choose your preferred option via my simple online quote. There's no pressure, and I won't harass you either, that's totally not my style! My online system will guide you through payment of your retainer and signing of your agreement. Once completed, I'll confirm your booking! 

lock it in!


An important part of my personalised process is learning about you, your personalities and hearing your stories. This is all about you here and I take the time to hear what you're dreaming up, listen to your ideas and unique wants. No two couples are the same and no two weddings are the same either. This understanding helps me guide you and get the creative process rolling and bringing those unique parts of you to life on the day.  I'm happy to do this either over the phone, or email, let me know which you prefer! 

chat / email


Get in touch by filling out my enquiry form - the more info you provide here the easier it is for me to help you from the start! I'll be in touch as soon as I can and will let you know if I have your date available. 



Take a look around my site and instagram page to see if you like my work, my style and my vibe. FAQ's can be found below as well. 



Enjoy an easy, guided experience


I'd love to hear from you!
Please fill out the form below or send a note directly to hello@lisawatsonphotography.com

Please feel free to get in touch with any other questions!

Absolutely! I am committed to providing a safe, inclusive environment for all and I photograph all love and connection - I would be delighted to capture yours!


Once I have completed my editing process, your photographs will be available in your own curated online gallery, ready for you to view, share, favourite and download in both high resolution and web ready files. They will be free of watermarks and logos. You are welcome to print as much as you like, from wherever you like. Your gallery gives you access to my favourite professional print lab which produces gorgeous, quality prints and products not otherwise accessible to the public and I highly recommend their beautiful work! Family and friends can also order directly through this site as well, which takes the pressure off you! Once you've received your gallery, I'll send you a request to select your favourites and I'll print them for you as a personal gift from me!


If I've confirmed I'm available, and you're ready to lock this down, let me know and I'll send your quote, agreement and invoice for the non refundable retainer, with the remaining balance due 14 days before your wedding. Everything is super simple and online and you'll be able to view your receipt confirming payment online too. Once completed, it's time to sit back and relax and enjoy the feeling of ticking a big item off your to-do list!

You can then look out for your incoming wedding photography planning guide which is packed full of advice and tips to help with your wedding planning and getting the most out of your coverage. I'm available as often as you need and always happy to answer any questions you might have, just reach out!


No, I don't offer discounts. It is important to me that I am fair to all my couples. Your photographs are what's left after it's all said and done, and they're important. They are part of your legacy, I value that and work incredibly hard to ensure that your experience and lasting photographs are what you dreamed and more.


I sure do! And they're absolutely stunning, quality handmade flat-lay albums. You can choose from a variety of cover materials to suit your style and they make an incredible keepsake and family heirloom for the future. Some of my collections include albums, and album design and I'm more than happy to help you create something really special.


These are not something that I make available to my clients as a rule. It's not me being difficult (it's actually industry standard) and the reason is firstly, most people who don't have professional software can't view them, meaning they are generally inaccessible, and secondly, they look nothing like the files that you receive - I focus on quality and put a lot of love, care and magic into editing your images into my signature style that you can view in my portfolio so that they look exactly how they are, with purpose. Most of the images that you don't receive are outtakes, meaning blinking, out of focus, poor lighting or technical issues that you wouldn't want anyway. I include a huge number of images, including the hilarious ones, and I can assure you, I'm not holding back on any of the good stuff!


I have invested heavily in professional equipment so that the quality of your memories aren't compromised. For my wedding work, I shoot with 2 x Sony full frame cameras (with another as backup) and use various prime lenses including 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 55mm, 85mm and 135mm so I have every scene, environment and scenario covered. My equipment works exceptionally well in low light, and I also bring a lighting kit with me, predominantly for receptions which are often very dimly lit. I wear a camera harness for majority of the day, meaning I can carry two cameras on me at any time, shooting wide and close so you have a variety of images, all with beautiful and consistent quality. I run two quality SD cards writing simultaneously in each camera so that if one were to fail, I have a real-time backup. As soon as I leave your wedding, your images are fully downloaded and immediately backed up to my NAS raid storage and a cloud service for safe keeping. I know how easy it is for technology to fail, and I have invested heavily to keep your precious memories safe.


I only accept a limited number of weddings a year and I am currently taking bookings up to 2 years in advance. I strongly recommend getting in touch as soon as you can, as it breaks my heart when couples love my work, only to find out I'm booked on their date! As soon as you have a venue and a date, please get in touch. I also try to accept those last minute elopements, and more spontaneous requests, so please don't hesitate to get in touch, and if I can make it, I will!


I sure do! They're awesome for helping us get to know each other, you have a chance to get in front of my lens and learn some tips and tricks before your day, and they help everyone feel a little less awkward and the day a lot less daunting. Some of my collections include pre-wedding sessions, and they are also available for purchase separately.


I edit and send you a small selection of previews as soon as I can after your day (usually within 48 hours) so that you can share those amazing memories with each other, as well as friends and family who are also excited! Typically, your photographs will be ready in around 4 weeks, however during busier seasons this might be closer to 6 weeks (which is as per your contract). A priority editing service is also available for you to jump my editing queue and receive your photos in one or two weeks. 
I've always achieved my gallery delivery times and let you know when it's getting close so you can arrange a special experience together to view them for the first time. 


Sure! I chat over the phone / zoom / email with most of my couples before they book, and I'm more than happy to meet in person if you would prefer as well. 



The only thing we ever have is NOW